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"LIVE 60 min Online eCourse"

  • 7 most important questions to finding your truth.
  • What really prevents us from living in bliss.
  • The analogy of living in a R.U.T.
  • Unconscious parenting
  • A truth that could set you Free!​


Thank you for visiting my website, although my real name is Eric Eccles I've used the pen name for most of my authorship as C.A. Human which stands for Consciously Aware Human Being.  I chose to do this because most everything I write has the intention to drop my ego and write for all of us on issues that matter. The issues that I'm speaking of are those of the heart, mind and spirit.  Over the past 23 years I have harrnessed my skills in the Wellness industry as a Holistic Fitness Practictioner, Master Trainer, Yoga & meditation coach. I have been blessed to help thousands of people in all walks of life create more success, better health and find true purpose in their lives.

The book above is a culmination of much of my work and research, I hope you enjoy!

                                                                                                            Eric Eccles
                                                                                                            a.k.a. C.A. Human

                           P.S. Make sure to visit my other websites as well, Thanks again.......
Enjoy this life changing journey into mind, body spirit insights and practices.  
This exclusive E Course includes:

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  • EWorkbook
  • EJournal
  • Bonus Worksheets

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  • EWorkbook
  • EJournal
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Plus Bonus:
  • Ebook
  • EWorkbook
  • EJournal
  • Bonus Worksheets

Read on your laptop, tablet or phone at your fingertips!
Mindful Nutrition E Course
One of the most comprehensive Online Workshops around!

The information in this two part course will take you through 
some of the most fascinating information concerning the in's 
and out's of nutrition today.

  • Nutrition for the skin and organs
  • Water in the world and what you should really know.
  • The business of fake sugar and dirty politics.
  • The truth about Monsanto and GMO's.
  • How to make the switch to Organics!
  • And much much more...
Are you paying 
Attention to your life?
"How to Find & Follow Your Bliss"
E Course